An Overview of Project Communication Management in Construction Industry Projects

Hala Taleb, Syuhaida Ismail, Mohammad Hussaini Wahab, Wan Nurul Mardiah, Wan Mohd Rani, Rohayah Che Amat
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Communication is the heart of implemented projects of the construction industry, where project managers consume 90% of their time communicating with project participants. However, some barriers occur during this significant process of transferring project information. Therefore, this review paper highlights these constraints and guide project managers to take proper action to avoid them. Furthermore, as project communication needs to be carefully managed, this paper introduces communication management due to its high value, all long with the communication management plan as one of the main elements of the overall project management plan that aims to meet the stakeholders' requirements by delivering successful projects eventually.
communication, communication management, construction industry, project communication management plan
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