Marketing Strategies for Subdivision Housing Projects in Phnom Penh

Vichea Tan, Kongkoon Tochaiwat
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The tremendous transformation across market sectors in Cambodia is the result of the country’s rapid economic growth over the past decades. Subsequently, the market demand and consumer behavior, in real estate industry especially, has also become more complex and diverse. The research aimed to explore a different variety of marketing strategies used by real estate developers in Cambodia that respond most effectively toward the changing and demanding market spectrum with a focus on middle-class households. This study involved three in-depth interviews with practitioners in real estate marketing who engaged in main-class subdivision housing development projects in Phnom Penh. Afterward, Content Analysis Technique was used to examine the outcome and generate the results of the interviews. The analysis of the interview’s outcome demonstrated that each developer shows different interests in Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP), while some components of the marketing mix (4Ps) such as product and price played a significant role in the success of the project. The result of this study will be beneficial to those subdivision real estate businesses who look to improve their marketing strategies to better meet the demands of the consumers.
Real Estate, Subdivision Housing, Marketing Strategy, Consumer Behavior, Branding.
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