Financial markets' development and economic growth nexus: An analytical appraisal from Bangladesh

Shakib Hassan Rakib, Md. Shakhaowat Hossin
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The impact of Bangladesh's financial market development on the nation's economic growth from 1993 to 2020 is examined in this article. Unit root tests, cointegration tests, vector error correction models, and causality tests were performed to evaluate the results. As a result, the unit root test at first difference indicated that the variables were stationary. The Johansen cointegration test revealed that the variables were cointegrated, and the vector error correction model revealed that there was a long-term interaction. According to the results of the casualty test, some variables have a unidirectional causal relationship, but other variables do not. The study's findings suggest that promoting financial development frequently affects the economy and the policymakers of the financial market can move forward with potential initiatives by considering the results from this analytical review.
Financial market; Economic growth; Bangladesh; Unit root; Cointegration; Vector error correction; Causality.
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