An economic inquiry to the status quo of selected fisherfolks in the Municipality of Rosario, Cavite: A pandemic situation

Jerico B. Tadeo, Xavier Lawrence D. Mendoza
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The Philippines has crafted various studies and policies to aid in increasing the productivity of the fishing sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many nations and states into challenging their economic and health structures. Considerably, it has also impeded the growth of various businesses and economies worldwide, not to mention the many lives it claimed, hunger, poverty, and increased societal inequality. Hence, the authors seek an avenue to undertake this study to understand the pandemic status quo of fishers in aid of economic recommendations that are sound for the pandemic situation. The researchers used a survey-descriptive research design to conduct this study. The researchers concluded that the fisherfolks were middle-aged, dominated by males, did not complete their basic education, had 9 to 15 years of fishing experience, and earned below 5,000.00 pesos or less than 100 US dollars monthly. Muzon 1 and Muzon 2 were generally identified as the challenged barangay where local projects should be focused and prioritized.
Fisherfolks, Pandemic, Education, Health, Standard of living, Status quo
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